Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Scofflaw Love Letter to Kurt Vonnegut

I'd like to start this post by asking my lovely readers to keep my grandmother in your thoughts. On Monday, she had a major stroke and due to her age (almost 94) and as per her request, we will not be seeking any life sustaining procedures. I don't want to be all "blah sads blah" but I did want to inform you all that is why I hadn't posted for a few days. I'm very thankful that she has been so amazing and is a huge fan of my polish habit. I know she would have loved the polish I am about to show you all today. Okay - TMI over. 

DISCLAIMER: I RECEIVED THIS AS A GIFT FROM AN AMAZING PERSON! She was awesome and got it for me because I was in the hospital due to a car accident during the restock and I knew it would be the last time it was available. Oh. Spoiler alert. This was a LE. Sorry. Anyway - today I bring to you Scofflaw Nail Varnish Love Letter to Kurt Vonnegut. I put this baby on SUNDAY night. That's right - it is currently WEDNESDAY night. I have maybe a little bit of tip wear. Maybe. Anyway. PICTURES!

Here is the lovely amazing bottle. It's a periwinkle blue base with stupid awesome shimmer in it. It also has delicate and subtle blue flakies and more KAPOW silver flakies. I'm also 99.9% sure that there were even some little holographic glitters in there. Finally - just in case I wasn't already a blue-polish "collector" and mildly obsessed with literary topics..... THERE IS ALSO MICROGLITTER. That's right- superdarkblue (i.e. "midnight") and urhglsmentis (i.e. "periwinkle") microglitters. 

And here is is from the bottom now. And finally - a nail! This is three coats of polish - I applied it late Sunday and wanted to ensure I had zip/zero/nada VNL. I should also mention that this polish applied like slightly warm Nutella - i.e. fantastic and hunger inducing. I wanted to put it on EVERYTHING. Did I mention I applied it with a fan on (BUBBLES) and I didn't even get any of them? WHAT?! MAGIC! 

All of the nails! I'd like to make you all aware that after THREE FULL DAYS I had tip wear (at pictured) only mildly on my pointer finger. (I did wrap my tips, but I tend to bash them off after about 12 hours). I used Poshe as a top coat, and I only used one coat of that stuff. 

Of course - here they are MATTE! (Julep Matte Top Coat)

This polish is worth all of the lemm I ever ing-ed. It's an LE and the last of it sold on Llarowe a couple weeks  ago. Just in case you want to buy other things, here is the link to Llarowe. I'd also like to say that this is my first Scofflaw, and I absolutely intend to spend stupid amounts of money whenever there is a restock... like this Sunday. I learned about this restock via Facebook. GO FORTH AND LIKE IT! And the restock is on Etsy - so this is also important. What's on my list? David Bowie's Bulge, Whiskey Tango Foxtrot, Flotsam &  Jetsam, Love Letter to Bea Arthur, and who knows what I'll even want from her new collection! 

If anyone is interested, I have a picture of my grandmother feeding seagulls with the biggest grin on her face. Sentimental, I know. But if that isn't something that bothers you (especially with my TMI vomit up there) let me know. She is a very special lady.

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