Friday, May 10, 2013

Jindie Nails Princess Bubblegum (bonus of my cat licking tulle)

Let us all flashback to February. I was attempting a no-buy, as was a good friend. My friend and I had recently become obsessed with microglitter and it was getting to be a bit excessive. She showed me the wonder of Jindie Nails Princess Bubblegum. And I was thrilled. Lavender crelly? Eeensie matte neon glitters? HELLO LOVE OF MY LIFE. Alas, we noticed that Jindie Nails was going to restock, and soon. Cue the tears. We watched all of the lovely microglitters sell out. We kissed our lemmings goodbye. It really was tragic. And so we waited. We waited for our no-buys to end, and once we did, we realized we had to wait for a re-stock. We stalked and browsed and sent swatches to each other, and then, one day - magic occurred. The fated day of the restock. And then - we shopped. I bring to you, my Jindie Nails lemming #1: Princess Bubblegum

Oh my goodness. Look at those little teensie tiny baby glitters. And the neon! It's like everything I ever loved  is on my thumb. I was actually really happy when I put it on - I hadn't noticed that there were iridescent glitters too! HOLY COW! And the formula was an absolute dream. This is three coats, because I have a super noticeable VNL with everything and I have terrible one-bedroom apartment lighting. MOVING ALONG NOW.

All of the nails. Janky-pinkie, doin' it in style. 

And what do I need to do next? MATTE HER. She begged me for it, with her baby glitters. 

Starring: Janky-Pinkie and my really awesome fossil.

One more for good measure.

Ooooh janky-pinkie. What have I ever done to you. Oh, that's right. Slammed you in numerous car doors. So sorry.

So, that's it, lovely readers! Jindie Nails Princess Bubblegum was well worth the two months of tears and screaming at my laptop. I'm passionate, what else is there to say. I'm wearing three coats of it and I used Butter London Matte top coat. Really does a nice job there. Highlights of this polish was the pure amazingness of the matte/transparent neon baby glitters, as well as the surprise iridescent hexes and squares. 

I bought this lovely lady for my own personal use from the JindieNails website but they are also available at Llarowe and other authorized dealers.

BONUS: Here is a video of my cat licking tulle. 


  1. Oh man, I think I need this!!! Love your kitty!

    1. It's pretty amazing. It was well worth waiting for! My kitty is my precious furbaby and is kind of the fluffy little love of my life. There will be more pictures!

  2. I bought Princess Bubblegum at the last restock! ALL BECAUSE OF YOU!!!