Saturday, May 25, 2013

Emerald And Ash Helix Nebula

Dear internet: I LOVE SPACE. I have loved space since I was a small child and I had a space themed birthday party when I was four years old. I even refused to allow people to wear alien deedly-bopper headband thingamajigs because I didn't think that aliens would have pom poms for antennas. I painted our solar system (when Pluto was a planet) and made a mobile in elementary school at some point. Yes, it was color accurate. TLDR: I LOVE SPACE. Which brings me to Emerald & Ash's Hubble-Inspired Collection. There is one named Deep Field, and another called Dark Matter. I ended up buying Helix Nebula. She doesn't state that it was inspired by a picture taken by the Hubble, BUT IT IS SPACE THEMED AND FOR THAT I LOVE IT. For reference, here is a link to Nasa's picture of the Helix Nebula. She put all of that in a 11 mL bottle of happiness. And, might I add, those bottle of happiness are cubical and adorable. PSA PEOPLE: I PAID FOR THIS BAD BOY. 

Helic Nebula is a black jelly jam-packed with blue and pink flecked shiny/shimmery bits that really are out to burst your retinas. It also is chock full of four different sizes of holographic hex glitters, methinks of the light gold/silver variety.

So - this is ONE coat (painted, not dabbed - although if I wore more than one coat I would recommend the dabbalicious method) of Helix Nebula on top of Illamasqua Baptiste **not my picture**. The reason I used undies is this: this is an 11 mL bottle and I tend to use heavy coats, as well as a new paranoia I have of running out of it, and because my new calling in life is to find perfect undies for everything. Ash mailed me Baptiste as a birthday present, as one of her favorite purples because it glows from within. I therefore decided it was worthy of being undies for her creation. Please, disregard the cat hair. She is fluffy and wanted love. Nothing I can do. Really. I am her pet. Also - I used Seche as a top coat and with the awful shrinkage that followed, regretted that decision.

SPACE ON MY NAILS. And that GLITTER PAY OFF! I really should have thrown another coat on there, simply because the depth would have melted my corneas into a pile of really happy goo. 

I had NO issue whatsoever with glitter payout or formula. I dabbed my pinkie and ring finger, and then painted my pointer and middle finger. Pretty great, regardless of application method. 

Also, I'd like to note that her glitter ratio was pretty rad and very space-y. I didn't have to fish for the larger hex glitters, and they just lept from the brush to my nail. I also had quite a few floating around on my fingers, but not too many either!

Holographic goodness.

Really, I should stop taking pictures now.


Rationale behind this picture: On the swatch wheel is three coats of Helix Nebula dabbed on. I wanted to compare it to my thumb for underwear comparison, glitter comparison, and so you all could see what three coats looked like. And yes, it took three coats for opacity. Hence - why I use panties. Also, for a fresh feeling. Other undies I'd want to try are OPI Ink and Nubar Indigo Illusion. And a Digital Nails I acquired that you and the universe have not seen yet. 

What do you need to know?! That Helix Nebula was a smooth rocket ship ride to my childhood and an excuse to browse pictures on the NASA website? That I am obviously not destined to be an astronaut because I couldn't paint my nails in zero gravity? Oh - Helix Nebula is available for $6.50 at the Emerald & Ash website! There is also an Etsy! Don't forget to like it on Facebook because of spoilers and stuff! Also - they are all 3 free, animal and cruelty free, yadda yadda yadda. 

And here is a collage. Why not, right?

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