Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Digital Nails Ultimate Ginger; Glitter Gradient

Well, it's been a whole few days since I wore a Digital Nails polish. WHAT?! A few DAYS?! Insanity. Especially considering my love of Digital Nails. Moving on now. I used some birthday monies to get a whole heck of a lot of the Ladies of Who collection, including this one: Ultimate Ginger. Albeit, I finally made it to the episode that Ultimate Ginger refers to. I cried. Like a blubbery blubbery loon. There was snot. Anyway, the second that I got around to swatching and doing something with this polish I realized that yes, while I could wear it on it's own (it was opaque in two thicker coats for me) that I had the perfect undies. Now, readers - the quest for perfect undies for a jelly/crelly worshiped polish is incredibly hard and arduous. To have the perfect undies fall into my lap? NO WAY. As it turns out - OPI Can't Find My Czechbook (a gift for my birthday!) was absolutely perfect. And I love glitter gradients. So I did one. 

There is is ladies and gentlemen. Two coats of Ultimate Ginger on my ring finger. I used two coats of OPI Can't Find My Czechbook on the rest. Then I dabbed a thiiiiiin coat of Ultimate Ginger on those four babies halfway up my nail. Then, I dabbed another coat a quarter way up my nail. Add one coat of random clear polish and a layer of Poshe - TA DA! Done. The formula on both of these were great. No opacity issues AT ALL. No bubbling or balding either. And if you can't tell - the glitter pay off for Ultimate Ginger is siiiiiiickening. 

I should probably describe Ultimate Ginger for you, as is proper and appropriate in a review. It is a delicious light blue crelly with tiny turquoise sparkly glitter, matte marigold hexes in various sizes, shiny orange hexes, bigger matte white hexes, sparse emerald green hexes, and most likely there are still probably some I am missing. SO MUCH GLITTER!

Seriously - how perfect are these undies? 

So - when I got these it was made explicitly clear that I MUST MATTE ULTIMATE GINGER. If I didn't, the universe might implode. Or Matt Smith might shave his head. Oh wait - WE'RE TOO LATE FOR THAT. So I matted it. And oh man - it's gorgeous. 


It's the "lets matte that polish" trilobite! :D

Well - that's all she wrote! So what do you need to know? Where to get these? If you've read any of my other posts you should know by now that Ultimate Ginger is available on Digital Nails' Etsy site. And there is also a Facebook you should go like immediately.  

OPI Can't Find My Czechbook is available in retail stores such as Ulta for $9, my HEB for some reason for $7.98, certified dealers or whatnot for whatever they're selling them for, and online at Amazon.com.


  1. I am kind of in love with this. The glitter reminds me of a random flea market brand I found called Amuse! I also paired it over teally blue-green awesome perfect color! GREAT MINDS.

    1. :D :D Ultimate Ginger is kind of one of my favorites of hers. I keep getting drawn to it! BABY GLITTER FTW!