Sunday, May 12, 2013

A Mild Coral Obsession: OPI Jinx vs Zoya Destiny with guest star Digital Nails Super Temp

Some of you may be aware that I have a mild coral obsession. It recently came to light after I realized I needed to stop buying so many damn purples and get something for summer. I had the extreme good fortune to come across OPI Jinx at a nail supply place for DAMN CHEAP. Purchased. I also have a textured polish obsession. Zoya Destiny was a wonderful pressie from a fellow graduate student with a polish obsession and soon - will be soulless. No no no, she's a wonderful girl, it's just what graduate school does to a person. Finally, I bought Super Temp from Digital Nails. Because I love coral. Anyway, I realized one day while loading my nail polish into a lovely traveling ham container of mine that Destiny and Jinx were remarkably similar..... and Super Temp looked just as amazing but sans-texture. And then I decided to compare all three. PICTURES ARE IMMINENT!

Pretty awful bottle shot. Sorry guys. Stupid lighting. BUT YEAH they all look pretty close? Coral base with goldy-yellow sparkly bits?

BAM! There they are. Super Temp on the pointer, OPI Jinx on the middle, and Zoya Destiny on the ring. They look pretty close to each other. Here are the noticeable differences:

1) Super Temp is not textured. Fantastic alternative for those who are against the textured polish thing
2) Destiny appears to have a slightly. SLIGHTLY. HARDLY NOTICABLE. Pinker base.
3) OPI Jinx has slightly smaller glittery bits and is a finer-grit sandpaper finish. Zoya Destiny is definitely larger grit and rougher. 

And another comparison swatch. TA DA!

Here is another one. With LABELS! (oh my, so fancy!)

I really wish I could capture the shimmery color shifty bits of Super Temp better. GAH! SO SHIMMERY!

Well - here we go. 

Whoops. Forgot to mention important things like formula and application and stuff. What you see is two coats of each and a well - cropped out janky pinkie. All of them dried in reasonable time (Super Temp got Poshe-d) and I totally neglected to put on a base coat. All of them were lovely and sparkly and pretty. And even though OPI Jinx and Zoya Destiny are remarkably similar, I won't be getting rid of either because I think the textures are different enough to warrant keepsies. 

Anyway, if you want to buy them I've heard OPI Jinx is at Ulta for $9 a pop and Zoya Destiny is available on their website for also $9.

As always, you can find Digital Nails Super Temp on her Etsy! Also, it's based on Donna Noble, who I adore. 

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