Friday, August 23, 2013

Literary Lacquers - If It Pleases You

GOOD NEWS! The most gorgeous bruised purple holographic polish has emerged from the dungeon! It's called If It Pleases You and I have only been drooling over it for 10 bajillion years. It's from the Good Parts collection (literary erotica inspired!) and is influenced by the first real erotic literature I read that didn't have a picture of Fabio on the front. BACKSTORY! Anne Rice was one of my FAVORITE authors in high school and during my youthful and formative teen years, I went on vacation with my family. I have this bad habit of rummaging through the bookshelves of wherever I go, and I found a high and semi-hidden shelf. Of course, I promptly found the The Claiming of Sleeping Beauty. Which I then read. And was caught. Oops. Anyway, these are also the last pictures of my nails before I had to nubbinize them. And man, are they GORGEOUS. 

Ott-lamp lighting. Two coats. TWO COATS. My eyes, they are overwhelmed with RAAAAAAAAAINBOWS!

Sunday, August 11, 2013

Digital Nails Pandorica

Sweet sweet completionism, dear readers! I have officially been able to (as of now) swatch and wear all of the holographic jelly polishes by Digital Nails. I just realized that it is one of my go-to indie brands - I will certainly make an effort to expand my horizons! I apologize for my intense fixation. Moving along, I was bestowed upon a mini of Pandorica - a deep deep charcoal grey almost black jelly polish that was so massively dosed with spectraflair that I suspect Digital Nails captured some spare stars to grind into the polish. I used two layers of Pandorica to achieve awesomeness and a later of a 50/50 Nubar Diamont/Essie Good to Go franken top coat mixture. I've never been so thrilled to live in a broiling hot place with no clouds. 

Friday, August 9, 2013

Literary Lacquers Woman of Pleasure

This polish was provided to me for the purpose of a review. All of the following opinions are my own and based on my experience with the product.

Spastic book nerds - UNITE! There is an indie polish line for the twitchy, obsessed, bubble-bath readers like us! Literary Lacquers makes polish inspired by BOOKS! Hooray, books! I had been working on an Etsy cart for a while and finally caved to get a few polishes. Amy was so gracious to give me a couple extra to totally spaz out to you over via the internet. Today, I have Woman of Pleasure. This lovely lady raunchy female comes from an erotica collection and was inspired by Fanny Hill: Memoirs of a Woman of Pleasure. Thanks Amy! I'm going to add a banned book from 1748 to my late-night readings! The polish itself is a periwinkle/lilac crelly with a smattering of blue and purple glitters of various shades and sizes. There are also some awesome magenta glitters of different sizes and finish! I'm sure you are just squirming relentlessly in your seat to see the pictures!

What you see here is three thin coats, topped by a layer of Seche Vite. The formula was buttery soft and smooth. It almost caressed my nails on the way off the brush. I got fantastic glitter coverage without any clumping too!

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Party Girl Lacquer Man Candy

This was provided to me for the express purpose of a review. All of the opinions are my own and based on my experience with the product. 

Okay, I'd like to say I'm sorry for not being as regular as I should be about blog posts. I wish there was some sort of blogging fiber that would make my posts more regular. (ha ha, I'm funny). I'm totally making it up for you (and me) by showing off one of my untrieds - Essie Power Clutch and a brand new indie brand for me - Party Girl Lacquer Man Candy. It was calling to me. Anyway, there was an awesome polish meet up in my city and I was seriously lucky enough to attend. The maker for Party Girl Lacquer was there and I spazzed out over her polishes. She then provided me with a couple to review and after my small heart attack, I accepted and recovered long enough to review the polish. You can buy this polish (and others) at her Big Cartel. Also, follow her on Facebook and on Instagram!

Man Candy is a holographic glitter topper that consists of tiny iridescent glitters, tiny teal glitters (metallic and holographic), and midnight blue matte glitters of all sorts of varieties. I chose to put one coat over Essie Power Clutch - a medium grey. 

First off - look how terrifyingly white I am! Second - this is some pretty rad glitter coverage for one coat. I got all of the glitters I was hoping for, especially that smattering of medium hexes! The balance of this polish is awesome, it looks great as a topper and would probably gradient really well too! More pictures after the jump!

Saturday, August 3, 2013

Kunimitsu Ecco Location

Dear people of the internet, I have a confession. I am a cat lady. 100% cat-a-tonic. One of my favorite indie makers - Kunimitsu Nail Potions is a fellow cat-lady and all around animal lover. Of course, when I decided I wanted a custom polish based on my precious kitty Ecco, she was first in line. It was a very positive experience! I was a total spaz in asking for a custom and she walked me through it. I gave her a general idea, a picture and description of my precious babylove, and a really long ridiculous Facebook PM. She said she'd have a prototype to me in 7 to 10 days and we could adjust from there. Of course, last minute she had a freaking AWESOME idea and we went with that. I ended up with two polishes - one named after my kitty: Ecco Location. Because PUNS!

This is the kitty.....


Sunday, July 28, 2013

Digital Nails Lying + Nfu Oh 40

I love novelty products. I don't know who needs a soft-serve ice cream machine, but I certainly did! Not to mention anything that smells like bacon, involved excessive cheese, glitter, or other ridiculous items. Nail polish has met all of my ridiculous novelty needs - it is super glittery, can smell like awesome things, changes colors in different lighting...... etc. Today brings me into a whole new novelty polish product - THERMAL NAIL POLISH. Seriously - the utility uses are ENDLESS. I can tell when my AC in my car is going kaput, when my coffee is scalding hot, when my shower is too cold, when my electric bill is going to be excessive due to my apartment being 76 degrees in Texas....... THE POSSIBILITIES ARE ENDLESS! Also, I get to giggle at my fingers fairly often.

Digital Nails has created a glorious thermal polish inspired by Saga.... named Lying. It changes from bright teal to a dusty blurple or vice versa depending on your natural temperature. I have icy cold hands of death, possibly similar to the White Walkers or other undead creatures. It also has iridescent blue microflakes that make it more awesome than it already is. I used two coats of Lying to get opacity. The formula was easy to maneuver and whatever patched on the first coat was easily leveled out with a second. It dries to a natural satin/rubber finish. However, I can't leave well enough alone and decided that I obviously need MORE flakies and threw a layer of Nfu Oh 40 on top. I was not disappointed. 

See? Cold hands of death and terror! Pity my boyfriend who is subjected to them at night. 

Saturday, July 27, 2013

HARE Polish Bisbee 2.0 and a shout out to Emerald and Ash

Brace yourselves - Bisbee 2.0 by HARE Polish has arrived!!! I was introduced to HARE Polish by all of my indie-a-holic polish friends and then by blog sales and then I was stalking restocks before I knew it! Anyway, in the last restock I got Bisbee 2.0 and just about pulled a Tom Cruise on my couch. Remember that? Bisbee 2.0 takes after the rest of my vibrant HARE Polishes in the sense where the base color is so freaking bright that my camera cannot handle the pure and unadulterated awesomeness. It also takes after them in the sense where I just about adored the formula so much I could hug it. Anyway, I should probably show you this pictures, since I took so many.