Monday, May 13, 2013

Nail Art (ish): A Jelly/Holo thing with GLITTER!

Some of you may know that last night I went to a drag show to see the amazing Pandora Boxx. AWESOME. Not only was I out far beyond my bedtime, but I had to go off and see about doing my nails in an exceptional way for an exceptional queen. I decided I would borrow a stamping plate from an amazing lady - but lo and behold I was frustrated with my STUPID CURVY NAILS. (yes, janky pinkie, that includes you). But hey - I had a back up! I used Color Club Over the Moon, Zoya Frida, and Lucky 13 Lacquer Bone Daddy. Actually, now that I think about it.... remember amazing polish addict graduate school student who is amazing and I love her? She sent me Over the Moon during a vicious nail polish battle and she sent me Frida in a gigantic package filled with love and awesome. Bone Daddy was also a gift - it was snuck in there during my massive order of credit card melting doom. ONWARD TO PICTURES!

TUR DUR! I used two coats of Over the Moon (although you could probably get it in one), one coat of Frida (mmmm - teal), and one coat of Bone Daddy.

Holy mother of cheese, it gives the holographic effect DEPTH! I probably could have sandwiched the glitters, but I wanted to make sure that they were black and white (not light teal and dark teal). MMPH! GOODNESS!

Here you can see the holographic pretty well. Bone Daddy at one coat does some phenomenal things. Awesome coverage for a glitter top coat, yeah? AND NO BAR GLITTER! AND NO GIGANTOR GLITTERS! (I'm mildly in love with tiny glitter).

Yeah - pretty.

Still pretty. 

So there you have it. Pretty awesome, yeah? And it held up to a night of actin' a fool and being utilized as a toy for the sick sick joy of my dear man-clone that has a fascination with placing me in exceptionally awkward situations or places. Like a bear bar. Or maybe I'm his lady-clone, he was born two weeks before me. MOVING ON NOW. All of these polishes when on in a dream-like wine-induced stupor. Very easily and faster than I imagined. I managed to not smudge anything, which was great. I was tempted to keep using more Bone Daddy because HA HA GLITTER IS AWESOME AND MATTE GLITTER IS THE BEST. But I stopped. Moderation, dear people. Moderation. 

I have no idea where you can find the Color Club Halo Hues in real life. They do have a website. Also - has them. Also - some people keep finding them at Meijers? Good for them.  It has also been brought to my attention (thank you, lovely commenter!) that they are available at!

Zoya Frida can be obtained on Amazon as well. HUZZAH AMAZON! Zoya also has them on their website.

Lucky 13 Lacquer Bone Daddy comes from She also has a FACEBOOK.

Okay. Time to eat lunch. Not even thinking about re-doing my nails today. 


  1. I bought my Halo Hues from for $7 each :) I even got one for $5 because it had a black cap instead of silver!

    1. Nice! I found a couple (not this one)at a local nail supply place. It's like the danger zone.