Sunday, May 19, 2013

Kunimitsu Nail Potions Love is a Kitten

WHEW! PSA readers: I'm now a Master. Great. My family has come and gone and now I can get back to things like polishing my nails nightly. Tonight I have Kunimitsu Nail Potions, which I have added faithfully to my Etsy registry (I'm marrying myself in November 2015. Save the date!) FOREVER. Well, this year I had a kind of amazing birthday and my good indie-a-holic Michelle over at Late Night Lacquer mailed me a birthday package of exceptional oozing awesome. One of the polishes was Love is a Kitten. I am a proud momma to my preciousbabykittylovekins Ecco and I adore all of the polish in the Kunimitsu Nail Potions shop. Especially the cat themed ones. I was super excited to FINALLY get my mitts on one! Ready for some pictures?!

Here is an awesome bottle shot! So - here we have snow white crelly with itty bitty fuchsia hexes, matte black glitters of tiny and super tiny varieties, and OF COURSE itsybitytinywiny holographic glitters. SCORE! Logically, I knew the first thing I needed to do was put on two coats of polish. And I knew I needed to do it in 15 minutes yesterday because I was on my way out the door for that important thing called GRADUATION. I lobbed that stuff on super fast, threw on some Poshe and ran out the door.  

It's almost been 48 hours since then! And I finally got around to getting pictures. Yes yes, shame on me. Needless to say, the formula was pretty dang awesome. For only two coats I didn't have any real balding or thin spots. I probably should have used three for opacity's sake, but a lady's got to walk across a stage and shake hands with some person called "The Dean." But check out that glitter variety! And ease of glitter placement! It just flowed right on the nail. Fantastic formula. Mmph. Oh - I should also mention that it's 3-free. 

Here we go. Looking nice now! GAH. Except for Janky Pinkie. Oh lawdy - what are you DOING?! We'll tuck you away now.

One more for good measure. Also - after a whole 48 hours which included being paraded around the boiling heat of Texas while dressed in 27 recycled plastic bottles (really) made into a black Masters robe and full regalia while clutching a mortar board to my head in gusty winds..... and a night of opening gifts and writing thank you notes.... the wear is pretty good for a polish peeler like me. 

And of course, it's not a party with out a matte top coat Digital Nails Mattematical. While it's not all OOOHHH GURGLY GURGLY DEPTH, I think that mattefying this lady gives it a really nice, soft, sweet touch. Like kitties. What kitties are super shiny, any way?

Oh look! The end of the post. What do you guys need to know now? That there is an awesome Etsy shop where Kunimitsu Nail Potions sells pretty phenomenal lacquers? That she also has a Facebook that you should go like immediately? Those are both fantastic ideas! Lets do them!

Here is a bonus picture of  my precious kitty sitting in the window. She's a dilute calico and some sort of Siamese mix.


  1. You cracked me up - I love this post! Love is a Kitten is so meant for matte top coat, it is lovely that way! And also, VERY cute kitty! <3

    1. Thank you! She's my precious baby! I can't wait to get my hands on your other cat polishes! :) Of course - 99.9% will end up matted. I think you really encompass each coloration of the kitties so well!

  2. super sweet post,, I've got it on right now too! except with last night in paris over the top.. ! xx

  3. YES! I love you for posting this! It was so, SO hard to box this baby up... IT'S SO PRETTY AND PERFECT!

    And I'm featuring Red Empress on my bloggyblog this week ALL BECAUSE OF YOU, you little enabler. :D


  5. I LOVE Kunimitsu polishes!! I think I already told you that you need Orange Tabby!!! <3