Monday, May 20, 2013

Urban Outfitters Bohemian Summer

I got home today to find that I have a couple new followers! Huzzah! I appreciate it so much, you have no idea. I'm kind of stoked, I informed my cat, and she was indifferent and then attempted to shred my jeans - this is a sign of love and affection. Now, today I bring to you my first "mainstream" polish not used in a nail-art sort of way. I received Urban Outfitters Bohemian Summer as a birthday present (I swear, I got so much polish I'll still be swatching it for next year's birthday) from my lovely graduate school friend. Now - I had been drooling over all of those speckled polishes that came out this spring, especially those freaking droolgasms by Illamasqua. Unfortunately, like many people, I'm poor. I cannot run amok and spend the $17 on a single polish. The good news is that other polish lines are working on dupes and now I get to bring you what appears to be something akin to one. Bohemian Summer is a light blue crelly (think Robin's Egg, but not turquoise) with tiny matte black glitters and another size up's matte black glitters. Ready for some pictures? 

Look how pretty! This is two coats over my usual base and with two whopping coats of Poshe. This is a pretty hungry glitter. However, after two coats I didn't have any balding issues or a lack of glitter. In fact, I had a hard time getting sparse coverage and one of my nails on my other hand has significantly more glitter than the others! But - woe is me, I can handle too much glitter. I'm kind of in love with the square bottles too. 

Full frontal baby! Look how self-leveling it is. It was a pretty great formula - I was expecting worse for the price tag left on the bottle ($5). 

And of course, I had to matte it. I used Digital Nails Mattematical

Overall, I'm impressed! No tip wear at the time of removal, and also it got rave reviews from my mother. Again - here is what you need to know! My friend bought it for me at an actual Urban Outfitters, but they have a website that they might carry it on. I'd keep a lookout in physical locations! 

Thank everyone for working with me while I wear all my untrieds! 

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