Saturday, May 11, 2013

Lucky 13 Lacquer Life is Short and You are Hot

I would like to share with you all two things: first, I am watching Happy Gilmore. Second, I'm madly in love with all things jelly. I also have a mild spending problem, and the last time that Kyoti of Lucky 13 Lacquer had a huge sale for moving-times, I got a haul. I think my total accumulation of Lucky 13 Lacquer is somewhere around...... uh...... 18? 20? She also does mad-amazing-pretty custom orders and did a lovely one for me and a friend's birthday (that you will see sometime) called Throbbing Purple. So, TLDR: I hit a sale, got a buncha polish, and Life is Short and You are Hot was one of them. How can I describe this polish? Flaming hot magenta with tiny flamboyant glitters and bright holographic hexes. Really, I should show you the pictures. ARE YOU READY NOW!?!

YUM! Look at that SQUISHY GOODNESS! Pretty effin gorgeous right? I had some difficulty because I am an idiot and left my ceiling fan on while I was applying. And I was subsequently lazy and didn't want to stand up and turn it off. EITHER WAY - for a new glitter-dabber like myself, this lady was pretty damn smooth. Like my legs after I finally remember to shave them after three weeks. 

Look at that pretty holo goodness. And how bright! Pretty opaque too, for a jelly. This is three coats. 

Lid and close up shot of my thumbs. Seriously, don't my cuticles look pretty fantastic for right now? And this polish is also kind of the bomb too.  

And of course, it's not a party unless I get a matte top coat involved. This time I used Digital Nails Matte-matical, available at her Etsy store!

And of course, to truly capture the hot-ness I decided to take a fairly awful video. And oh, janky pinkie, you're really done it today. 

So, that's all folks! Life is Short and You are Hot from the Last of the Time Lords collection by Lucky 13 Lacquer. She didn't pay me or provide me with this polish to review, I just really like it and wanted to show everyone how damn sparkly it is. And squishy. I'm going to go back to Season 5 of Doctor Who now.

Also this is the Lucky 13 Lacquer Facebook.
You too can own this squishy delicious goodness. Go here for purchasing.

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