Friday, May 24, 2013

Nubar Reclaim and Zoya Maya

Hello bloggiverse! I have an announcement: I AM RED AND PATCHY. This is very important. I was abducted by my family to go to the beach from Wednesday to this morning. It was very exciting - I have more pictures of birds and the cat in the rental condo place than people, and that's cool. Which  brings me to the polish(es) I will bring you tonight! Nubar Reclaim and Zoya Maya. Now, I do not have bottle shots today, mainly because I forgot Reclaim in the apartment and Maya I took pictures of in a super-classy hotel bedroom at 1 AM. I bought Reclaim when people were selling it on Amazon for $6.81 (WIN!) and I consider it a birthday present to myself! Maya is a super lovely gift. THANK YOU AMAZING GRAD SCHOOL FRIEND. Now - PICTURES! 

TWO COATS. TWO GLORIOUS EMERALD AMAZING COATS. Nubar Reclaim - you have my holographic heart. And I'm sure I even dulled it when I threw on a top coat too. It also doesn't have that chalky-holo look that linear holos sometimes end up with. 

Thank you for planting flowers, father. I have documented it - WITH MY NAILS.

In the shade. It's a perfect emerald green! I even love the color WITHOUT the rainbows.

I wanted to get a little bit closer.... and freakin' A is this pretty. I never wanted to take it off, but sand kind of told me I had to. 

Here we go. Stay tuned - at the end of this post I will have a video! But what do you need to know about Nubar Reclaim? I recommend stalking on Amazon or your local blogsales. Or, any of them really. It's kind of worth it. It's a 3-free polish, and the formula was second only to polish-godliness. 

Zoya Maya is a cool-toned coral jelly polish. What you see here is three coats. I still have some VNL on my thumb (not pictured because awful bathroom shots are awful and shameful). I only took two pictures because it was 1 AM and I was tired, sandy, and splotchy. But no way was I going to the beach the next day with a bad manicure. It took a bit longer for Maya to dry because I needed thick coats for opacity. I'd like to try it out with undies, but I'd need to find a matching coral. OR I could throw in some glitter. Eheheheh. Ideas. 

Anyway, here is my squishy jelly love. The formula was pretty amazing on it and easy to control - I had no cuticle flooding that wasn't caffeine related. I should also mention that it is grandma-approved. Zoya Maya is available for purchase at Amazon and the Zoya Website. Zoya is 4-free, if that matters to you. 


I'll pepper in pictures I took from my beach trip throughout my next posts: there are kitties and pelicans and my grandma with seagulls! 

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