Sunday, July 28, 2013

Digital Nails Lying + Nfu Oh 40

I love novelty products. I don't know who needs a soft-serve ice cream machine, but I certainly did! Not to mention anything that smells like bacon, involved excessive cheese, glitter, or other ridiculous items. Nail polish has met all of my ridiculous novelty needs - it is super glittery, can smell like awesome things, changes colors in different lighting...... etc. Today brings me into a whole new novelty polish product - THERMAL NAIL POLISH. Seriously - the utility uses are ENDLESS. I can tell when my AC in my car is going kaput, when my coffee is scalding hot, when my shower is too cold, when my electric bill is going to be excessive due to my apartment being 76 degrees in Texas....... THE POSSIBILITIES ARE ENDLESS! Also, I get to giggle at my fingers fairly often.

Digital Nails has created a glorious thermal polish inspired by Saga.... named Lying. It changes from bright teal to a dusty blurple or vice versa depending on your natural temperature. I have icy cold hands of death, possibly similar to the White Walkers or other undead creatures. It also has iridescent blue microflakes that make it more awesome than it already is. I used two coats of Lying to get opacity. The formula was easy to maneuver and whatever patched on the first coat was easily leveled out with a second. It dries to a natural satin/rubber finish. However, I can't leave well enough alone and decided that I obviously need MORE flakies and threw a layer of Nfu Oh 40 on top. I was not disappointed. 

See? Cold hands of death and terror! Pity my boyfriend who is subjected to them at night. 

Saturday, July 27, 2013

HARE Polish Bisbee 2.0 and a shout out to Emerald and Ash

Brace yourselves - Bisbee 2.0 by HARE Polish has arrived!!! I was introduced to HARE Polish by all of my indie-a-holic polish friends and then by blog sales and then I was stalking restocks before I knew it! Anyway, in the last restock I got Bisbee 2.0 and just about pulled a Tom Cruise on my couch. Remember that? Bisbee 2.0 takes after the rest of my vibrant HARE Polishes in the sense where the base color is so freaking bright that my camera cannot handle the pure and unadulterated awesomeness. It also takes after them in the sense where I just about adored the formula so much I could hug it. Anyway, I should probably show you this pictures, since I took so many. 

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Digital Nails Purple Reign

And before the reader thinks that this is a polish based off of the Prince song, it's actually based off of a seriously awesome graphic novel and comic series - Saga. I mean, I assume it's awesome. Digital Nails has pretty great taste in books, so I have no reason to think it's NOT a good read. In fact, the last time I went to go get a new d20, I saw it and picked it up and contemplated paying FULL PRICE. Moving on now - Purple Reign is part of three different Saga influenced polishes. If you like Hook 'em Horns, Stars at Night, or Pandorica, then you'll probably like Purple Reign. It's a rich, deep grape purple that almost looks black at night and it's loaded with spectraflair - giving it a glamorous holographic kapow. 

Monday, July 22, 2013

Digital Nails Xiao Mei Mei

This polish was provided to me for the purposes of a review. Of course, this is a review. All of the opinions that follow are my own and based on my experience with the product. 

I'm trying SO HARD to not giggle myself through the couch due to excitement - today I have a BRAND NEW polish to show off. And I mean BRAND SPANKING NEW. Digital Nails put out a four-polish collection named Mal's Gals and they are based on the ladies of Firefly! One of them is called Xiao Mei Mei, which is based off of the adorable engine savant Kaylee. Xiao Mei Mei is a sheer nude-taupey crelly base with oodles of magenta, brown, and copper glitters of all shapes and sizes. Perfectly balanced (like a fine wine or that wood roasted coffee I'm brewing) I'd recommend dabbing on this polish to get it up to opacity in about 2 to 3 coats. If you're anal about VNL (like me) I'd recommend some undies like Essie Au Natural - mainly because I don't want to waste the precious the next time I use this baby! Sorry, combining nerd-doms. I'll stop and show you some pictures. 

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Digital Nails The Stars at Night (are big and bright)

DEEP IN THE HEART OF TEXAS! Thanks, Digital Nails. I'll have that song stuck in my head all day now. Anyway, I have the opportunity to show off one of her gorgeous creations - Stars at Night. It's a phenomenal deep blue jelly holographic polish that is opaque in 2 to 3 coats and has formula like a boss. It was so tough to photograph because OF COURSE I wear it the one week in freaking July that it rains for days on end. Either way, I got one blip of sunlight to get some decent pictures. 

Monday, July 15, 2013

Lucky 13 Lacquer Accio Lacquer

There is a 99.9% chance that if you read my blog, you've probably been a loyal Accio Lacquer reader for ages. If you aren't, you should be. Because she's awesome. Other topics of awesomeness include the polish that Lucky 13 Lacquer named in her honor - Accio Lacquer. Lucky 13 Lacquer did a whole Harry Potter collection, and of course I ended up with all of them. In fact, I also ended up with a bottle of Accio Lacquer as a gift because Raphaelle at Digital Nails knows that I am a micro-flakie and taupe JUNKIE. Accio Lacquer is literally everything I could want in an all-seasons, super versatile, classy with a in your face flakie POW polish. I swear that made sense. Anyway, I also attempted a half-moon mani with OPI Designer-de-Better as an accent. I will not admit as to how long it took.

This is three beautiful coats of Accio Lacquer with an accent of OPI Designer de Better. It is a mauvey-taupe sort of color with gold and copper microflakies that really make this unique and CLASSY AS ALL GET OUT. Seriously - this is an indie polish that fashionistas and my grandma would wear. Also, my grandma is awesome. Please also note the Pathfinder RPG sheet in the background of this picture. Level 11 monk. Beware. 

I obviously had to take pictures in different lighting so you can see how versatile this polish is. I swear - new favorite neutral. The formula was also freaking phenomenal and the dry time was stupid fast. Lucky 13 Lacquer - what have you done to the formula? Imbued it with something magical?

If course, here is a macro shot in order for you to check out my sweet sweet less-dry cuticle action. And of course THE FLAKIES. 

If you want this polish, buy it off of the Lucky 13 Lacquer website. Fullsies are $8.50 and shorties are $6. She hand mixes these babies, it's a serious labor of 3-free love. You can also follow her on Facebook to keep on the up and up with sales and new collections. 

I also want to mention that on July 29, she will be releasing a limited edition polish called Softening the Bad Things where $1 from each polish will go to NAMI. There are 25 bottles, so there will be a $25 donation coming from Lucky 13 Lacquer. There are some awesome bloggers that will be matching the donations - myself included! 

Saturday, July 13, 2013

Mod Lacquer Dreamland and Technicolor Noise

Dear universe - quit being filled with chaos and stuff. It makes me tired and I do my nails less. Either way, I had the great opportunity to be part of a gifting chain (not an illegal one) where I received a metric ass ton of polish, including some GLORIOUS Mod Lacquer. Now - I have been lemming about a thousand million polishes of hers since my beginnings as an indie polish addict. Of course, I had to put as much on as I could at once. I chose to layer Technicolor Noise on top of Dreamland. Now, Dreamland is a glorious lavender cream with holographic sparklies of awesome. Technicolor Noise is a stupidly rad clear base packed with neon glitters of all shapes and sizes and magic. Anyway. Onward to pictures!

Here are my lovelies. 

This is two coats of Dreamland and just ONE of Technicolor Noise. The formula on both of these polishes were absolutely fantastic. My camera had some fun times trying to capture the full awesomeness of the neon glitters and the holographic effects. The poor thing. 


Natural lighting (everything else was under my trusty Ottlite)


Moving along now - I'm placing another Mod Lacquer order as I sit here. The full-sizes run $9.50 on her Etsy site. Of course, check them out on Facebook and Instagram for more swatches and updates. 

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Scofflaw Whiskey Tango Foxtrot

Lemming alert! Lemming alert! Whiskey Tango Foxtrot has arrived in the house! Well, it arrived a couple weeks ago and I finally remembered to take pictures of it on my nails. Really. I've worn it at least twice. Anyway, I discovered Scofflaw Nail Varnish a little while back with their limited edition Love Letter to Kurt Vonnegut. Then I got the bug and NEEDED to own a couple of things: Flotsam & Jetsam, Whiskey Tango Foxtrot, and David Bowie's Bulge. They were all freaking smeeeexy formula wise - but here is the first one I have pictures of. 

WTF is a gorgeous turquoisey-teal crelly with a huge variety of red, white, gold, and brown glitters. Seriously - hexes, squares, and baby glitters of all shapes and sizes. It was freaking packed, too. What you see is two coats of WTF with the Nubar Diamont top coat. The formula on this (and all of the Scofflaw I've tried) was heavenly. Just glided right on the nail - like it wanted off the brush and on my fingertips. It was fairly self-leveling, but I did need to shake the bottle to dislodge the glitters. I attribute this to Texas heat leading to sinking glitters. Seriously - it's like living in broiler. 

I got pretty awesome glitter coverage regardless of living in a place that cooks eggs on the asphalt. I didn't have to search for the medium hexes once I shook the bottle either. 

UP CLOSE! It also survived a whole two work days without tip wear. I'm pretty impressed with the longetivity.

BAM! MATTED! (Thanks Digital Nails!) Hurrrrrr. Depth. I'm not sure if I like it better this way, or not. It's soooooooo pretty.

In other news - my pinkie nail is growing back! Also - in breaking news, you can get this polish and the rest on the Scofflaw Etsy! Oh wait - they're sold out! I guess you just have to shamelessly stalk the Facebook page for restocks or updates on when they ship to websites like Llarowe! 

What are you lemming that you need to stalk? 

Thursday, July 4, 2013

Kunimitsu Nail Potions Seal Point Siamese

After the barrage of nail mail that arrived, I have been dying to wear all of the colors ever. Here is another of the Kunimitsu Nail Potions that I bought during her free shipping sale (it's still going on, too!) This is Seal Point Siamese. I'm a little biased towards cat-themed polishes because of my supreme cat-lady repertoire. I'm drawn to this polish because of the history of phenomenal crelly-formula goodness and the fantastic mix of microglitters. Onward to photos!

Seal Point Siamese is a mixture of extra tiny turquoise holographic blue glitters, and different sizes of midnight blue matte glitters. It's ultra classy, and the formula was drool-worthy. I used three coats to opacity, but I probably could have stopped at two. This polish was extra easy to control - I had zero problems with it whatsoever. 

My poor pinkie is still rebelling - ignore him. 

Fantastic glitter coverage - I could just spread it right on there. It was self-leveling too! And opaque without being a THHIIIIICK layer of polish. Did I mention I love this formula?

Here is a close up! Notice how there isn't even any bubbling! And the distribution of the glitter! 

And like all white crellies, I have to matte them. And this guy is NO exception to the gorgeousity of matted white crellies with microglitters. Seriously, this polish is going to be my go-to for any time that I wear blue. It can go with ANYTHING! And the white is actually WHITE - cool toned for pale people like ME! 

Anyway, you can buy Seal Point Siamese and other awesome polishes on Etsy for $8 a pop. She also has MINIS!!!!! for $4. As always, this is a public service announcement to follow Kunimitsu Nail Potions on Facebook.

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Pahlish Mind Like a Diamond

SWEET HEAVENS TO BETSY THEY HAVE ARRIVED! Roll out the red carpet - the Coney Island Queen collection has made its way to my mailbox. Those of you who know me personally know I have an addiction to microglitter and microflakies. Really, if it's got "micro" in the word, I'm  probably down. Anyway, Pahlish makes a ton of polishes that totally float my boat. I fell in love with Mind Like a Diamond at some point, and then I saw the whole collection. Which I needed to own. And I finally bought when there was a free-shipping sale. Seriously, the way to my heart is free shipping. Anyway, Mind Like a Diamond is a warm, taupe-y grey with charcoal microflakes and pink color-shifty-shimmer bits. I know, scientific terminology. 

I mean, look how yummy this is. It's like warm delicious grey taupe super-neutral. I love greys that actually look grey and NOT green on my nails. And this polish DOES it! 

This is three coats of Mind Like a Diamond. It looked opaque at two, but I'm a teensie bit type-a on opacity. Formula wise it was pretty awesome. Not too thin, not too thick. It was pretty self-leveling, but my idiot pinkie nail was just not having it. Top coat fixed the problem. But seriously looking at it - this polish is a grey perfection. I was worried it was dupable with Dandy Nails Bound to Fall , but the good news is that while they are similar, they are totally different. I'll now probably try to do some stupid subtle taping or gradient.

Here is a macro shot. It really shows the sparkle this polish has. Unfortunately, I was an idiot and re-did my nails without matte polishing this mani first. I regret it immensely. I will probably need to go read some Sylvia Plath. 

Aaaand that's all she wrote! I got Mind Like a Diamond with the rest of the Coney Island Queen Collection. The whole collection runs $52 on Etsy, but you can just buy Mind Like a Diamond for $9 if you so please. Pahlish runs some really great sales and I usually try to hit one of those when I buy anything. Did I mention I also won a giveaway of hers on Facebook? You should go like it, because she does them OFTEN. And you know, so you can keep up on her sweet promos and pictures and stuff.