Friday, May 17, 2013

HARE Polish Electric Flame

Dearest devoted readers (although I'm sure you all aren't on the edges of your seats awaiting whatever polish  I have on this very second) I do so apologize for my lack of updates the past two days. THE HORROR! Unfortunately, I was in a car accident on Wednesday (not my fault) and the car was totaled and everyone had a lovely case of whiplash, soreness, and so on. Very not so good. Have no fear - I am in fact alive and will be getting further medical attention. They also provided me with medication to help with the fantastic muscle spasms/headache/neckpain/general post-accident misery. Also - my whole family is in town for graduation! Which is tomorrow! HUZZAH! I AM ONLY MILDLY OVERWHELMED. Thank goodness for polish. Regardless - I DO have a polish for everyone today! In the most recent restock I nabbed two HARE Polishes. I have for you today - Electric Flame. Now, I am not super into orange. In fact, this may be the third orange polish at all that I own in my 300+ collection. WHAT IS THIS MADNESS?! Electric Flame is a bright orangey peachish sorbet colored crelly with purple and blue glass flecky bits and iridescent blue glitters! I figured this would be a great polish for me to try out orange. And guess what? IT WAS A SUCCESS! 

Look how lovely that is! I wore three coats of polish and still had an eensie bit of VNL. I'm totally "at peach" (haha pun) with it, because I can't get over the iridescence of it. The formula was dreamy at worst, and was relatively self-leveling. This polish was a bit on the thick-ish side, but it made it easier to apply, if that makes sense. Very controllable. I kind of love it. I also think that I was used to having a floody-cuticle hot mess from some super sheer and thin jellies. Hare Polish does an amazing crelly - of the five I have, they're all amazing. I only used one layer of Poshe, and so the tip has some little divots. Also - if there are grey bits, it's because I got lazy when removing a grey flakie polish the day of. WHOOPSIES. In retrospect, I'd probably use two layers of top coat. P.S. AWESOME NEWS ABOUT DRY TIME! I accidentally fell asleep (drowsiness is a wonderful side effect) and this polish dried so fast (even with a heaping layer of Poshe) that I didn't even have sheet marks after my impromptu nap. 

Bottle shot, baby! Look how luscious this guy is! I WISH I HADN'T FALLEN ASLEEP. I would have matted it. CRAP. WELL. DAMN. 

Isn't it lovely? I adore it. So. What else do you need to know other than this polish looks like pureed phosphorescent deep sea fish stuck in a blender of peaches, melons, and mangos? Oh. Where to buy it. Well. You can get it on Llarowe. And also the HARE Polish Etsy. But that's sold out. Poo. So you can obviously follow them on Facebook to find out when there is a restock. And for good measure: website.

SO THAT'S ALL FOLKS! I'm off to do a graduation mani! 

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