Tuesday, May 14, 2013

HARE Polish Hooky at the Hamlet

You know those polishes that you drool over online for months.... and then you just continuously google them because they're so darn purty? And you repeat that every week? That is what Hooky at the Hamlet was to me. Now - my goal for the summer was to indie it up (regardless, I need to swatch all my mainstream lines anyway). But I was hanging out in chat one day when the lovely people informed me that there was a Hare polish restock. WHAT?! MADNESS?! And then I ran off the Etsy to throw money at the computer. I ended up with two new polishes (I had to be talked out of the full collection because I should probably eat this month) and oh man I was excited. She shipped these babies to me so fast that if I hadn't been F5ing the shipping for days straight that I would have been surprised. Anyway - PICTUREEEESSS!!!

TA DA! Look at how pretty it is. 

I've been waiting for this moment, beautiful tealy-green jelly crelly goddess. Hooky at the Hamlet was a grade-a pain to get color accuracy on and even though I got some good pictures, this teal-green lady was far more bright and gorgeous in real life, especially while I'm eating bacon. Mmm. Bacon. Hooky at the Hamlet has satin white squares, matte white hexes, itty bitty hexes and squares of both, and then SURPRISE iridescent baby hexes. I really love finding surprise glitters in polishes. I LOVE IT. Oh - and there is SHIMMER!!!!!

I used three coats for opacity - which is an ongoing battle in me personal life because the tips of my nails are so freaking white that it makes it difficult. Either way - it took three coats. Not that it was a big deal or anything, because the formula on this was like Vermont Maple Syrup on buttermilk pancakes. I had no glitter placing issues - it just spread right on the nail. No cuticle flooding, no bubbles, nothing. NOT A SINGLE PROBLEM. WHAT MAGIC IS THIS?!

Better lighting magic, that's what. 

But this polish was meant to be matted. This time I used a different matte top coat - Essie Matte About You. It was my first matte top coat, then it got white bits, then I used thinner, now it goes again. But really now - LOOK AT THAT DEPTH! You can really see those surprise iridescent baby hexes coming out to play!

Yum yum yum yum yum.

LOOKIE THERE! SO PRETTY! You can really see the shimmer up close. Mmph. Goodness. Anyway, that's all my pictures! Actually, it's not, but it's all that is fit for the public viewership. In conclusion - I regret not buying more. One day I will have all the money and I will own them all. The formula was phenomenal, the opacity was great, the glitter coverage was magical, and if I could just describe the teal-green-jelly-crelly-goodness in something other than hysterical giggling - I would.

You too can own this masterpiece! And you should. Because it's awesome. In fact, just buy everything. And keep it in a bunker in case of zombie apocalypse. Be the best looking walker - with Hare polish. Oh this is bad. I am going to go get my caffeine on now. 

Hare polish has a website!
And an Etsy!
And it's on Llarowe!

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