Sunday, June 30, 2013

Kunimitsu Nail Potions Lucky Goldfish

If there is one thing that I can appreciate above all others when purchasing from an indie maker, it is phenomenal formula. Seriously - it can be as sexy as Joseph Gordon-Levitt in a tailored suit, but if the formula sucks I'm not going to deal with it. Kunimitsu Nail Potions has so far had formula so good that I'm always making odd noises and muttering about buttery goodness. This polish of hers is no exception! Lucky Goldfish is a hurr-iffic cerulean blue jelly with tiny orange hexes and orange microfine glitters. It reminds me of the goldfish that my sister got from a pet store and how it seriously lived longer than it probably should have. Defied all laws of nature, that fish. 

This is two coats of Lucky Goldfish. I already mentioned the glorious glorious 3-free formula. It took two thicker coats to obliterate my VNL, as is the glory of a jelly formula. If I used thinner coats, I'd probably need three. It's not lumpy and it only needs one layer of top coat. Also - look how awesomely distributed that glitter is on my nail. Awesome. AWESOME. 

I had some slight bubbling, which I'm mildly obsessive about. It's totally fine, and it's probably because I got them out of the mail and immediately went to shaking and examining the bottles. And then the true ruler of the house played with them. Here is a pretty shot of the formula.

Please forgive my stupid pinkie nail. He's stupid. I'm also not sure if he used to be a she. I don't really care about the gender of my pinkie nail, it drives me nuts regardless. 

And time to get my matte on.

As usual, this is totally awesome. It's gorgeous and deep and like looking into a pond full of fish. But only orange fish and there are a lot of them. 

As usual, a thumb shot.

And this is Ecco. The true ruler of the apartment.

Okay people, this is the end. If you're looking to get to the Kunimitsu Nail Potions Etsy shop, that was the link you needed to click. She also has a Facebook that you should go like, because she has some awesome stuff up there too. PLEASE TAKE MORE OF MY MONEY. 

What do you guys think of microglitter jellies? Awesome? Or are you a chunky-glitter-a-holic?


  1. I need a distribution of chunky and baby glitters (chunky babies??) for even coverage! And your "boss" is so cute! :-D

    1. Is the lighting on my mistress not the most fantastic thing ever? It shows her true dominance over all things residing in her manor/my apartment.