Sunday, June 16, 2013

Digital Nails Wights of their Eyes

This polish was provided to me for the purpose of a review - all of the opinions are probably ridiculous, but also my own and based on my experience with the product.

Hello dear readers - I apologize for my absence. My grandmother passed away and I was mildly consumed by attending the service and spending time with my family. I highly recommend that any readers in the St. Louis area go to the Butterfly House in the Missouri Botanical Gardens! Moving along - this means that I am totally backlogged! I have a polish to show you that is currently out of stock for the time being, but is a serious labor of love, blisters and tears. This polish is Digital Nails Wights of Their Eyes. Why is this? Because I was there when Raphaelle mixed it. And it was arduous - but the glow lasts roughly 6 hours, so totally worth it. So first, I'll tease you will a bottleshot in the daylight.

It's a 3-free icy blue tinted polish (not made for opacity, more so to remind the user that P.S. it glows blue) with some amazing blue - pink color shifting particles. It's not a Digital Nails polish if it doesn't have color shift. I used it over OPI Vant to Bite My Neck? because I wanted to see how it would shift over dark colors. Answer? Gorgeous.

Now - what went into making this polish? The pigment Raphaelle used to make this polish was too large initially - and it would sink and do awful things. Solution? Make it smaller? How? She used a baby-sized mortar and pestle to grind that pigment into little bitty bits. It took forever. And she got blisters. Then there was the shaking. I helped with that part. I'm pretty sure that my arms aren't back to normal and it's been a couple weeks. 

Ready to see what it looks like in the dark?


Now - due to the freaking AWESOME of this pigment, the formula is certainly thick. Not really TOO big of a deal, because it was still workable. I'd recommend dropping in some thinner if it really bothers you. It's been about two weeks since I used the polish, and I can say that a drop of thinner helped me out. 

Also - it's totally worth it. This polish glows so bright I could find things in my bathroom in the middle of the night without turning the lights on. This also meant that my janky-ass camera had a hard time photographic it, especially in my new bathroom photo lounge. So - this is the best I could do.

PURRRDY. Then it glowed like that ALL NIGHT. Boyfriend was freaked out when he came into bed, and I would periodically wake up and forget my fingers were glowing like those evil-looking deep sea phosphorescent fish. 

Other things that are awesome about this polish? It was inspired by the wights from A Game of Thrones. I don't watch the show, but I am a book-reader and had a small heart attack at the name - Nerdiness + Puns? AWESOME. I need it. Really - she had to talk me out of buying a full-sized bottle, which was great for everyone else.

I highly recommend using two coats of Wights of their Eyes for a solid and glow-tastic manicure. It probably looks awesome over light blues. Sorry that my camera was spazzing out - but here is another picture. 

Now - it's out of stock, so you'll have to go stalk Digital Nails on Facebook before you go buy out all her other products on her Etsy. She also has a polish called Red Wedding. But I won't say anything, I'll just pull a River Song and chant SPOILERS! 

This polish was provided to me for the purpose of a review - all of the opinions are probably ridiculous, but also my own and based on my experience with the product.

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