Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Lucky 13 Lacquer The Hero of Canton, the Man They Call Jayne

ALERT ALERT! My love of glitter toppers on strong linear holographic polishes marches on, all the way to Canton! Which brings me to one of the most awesome glitter toppers I own, and one with one of the longest names I have ever seen on a mini bottle: Lucky 13 Lacquer - The Hero of Canton, the Man They Call Jayne. This polish is a mix of various sizes of matte red, orange, and marigold hex glitters in a clear base - just like Jayne's epic hat that rocked the Firefly Geeksosphere.  I layered one layer of Hero of Canton over Color Club Cosmic Fate. Lucky 13 Lacquer is a 3-free and cruelty free (come on, her boss is her cat!) maker that rocks some great customer service -  she worked with me to get her entire Battle of Serenity collection..... and then some. Anyway - here are some pictures!

Bottle shot! The formula was pretty fantastic on this polish - you can either spread or dab it. I am totally a spreader. It was easy to manipulate and get even coverage on my baby nubbins and Madame Janky Pinkie. One coat gave some great glitter coverage. I was thinking about trying two, but I really wanted the holo to shine through. 

Here is an amazing close up shot. Look at all of those awesome little glitters! And that glitter payout! It makes me wonder how many coats to opacity. Unfortunately, cheapie cheap me bought a mini. I'm thinking this is an upgrade-r. 

I know I'm automatically biased because I love the show that Hero of Canton was based off of. If you like it and want to own it, check out Lucky 13 Lacquer on her website. Full sizes (15 mL) are $8.50 and shorties (10 mL) are $6. It is also highly recommended that you go like her on Facebook. Seriously, she's got a Harry Potter collection up too. 

What nerdiness would you want her to make next? 

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