Sunday, June 30, 2013

Jindie Nails Live Out Loud

Hi awesome people! I hear Google Reader is going away, but I'm not super techy - maybe there is some way to use bloglovin' or something of the sort. I recommend following on Facebook. I put collages on there. Either way - this brings me to TODAY! I have something awesome! It's another crelly! Because I love them! It's Jindie Nails Live Out Loud. It was the other Jindie Nails lemming I got a couple months ago that I finally got around to using. It's a lovely creamy milky white with turquoise, magenta, and green circle glitters. There is also a horde of tiny glitters singing an overwhelming back up number. Ready for pictures?

This is two coats of Live Out Loud. I'm surprised it only took two coats to get opacity - I have pretty prominent VNL! The consistency of the polish was a little bit thin, but I'd prefer it thinner to thick so I don't have to struggle with thinner. It didn't really matter anyway, because the circles were nice and suspended. I didn't have to struggle to get them on the nail and they didn't clump and were easy to spread to where I wanted them. 

Here is a awesome close up. It's like cupcake frosting on my nails. 

So then logically my next step is to put some matte top coat on, because jellies and crellies must be matted on principle alone. It also helps when they end up looking as awesome as this one.

Sooooooo soft. Like buttercream icing with sprinkles! 

Woooo! So pretty. Beyond cupcakes, sprinkles, sugar, and other things I love that look like this, what are y'alls thoughts? 

I bought this lovely lady for my own personal use from the JindieNails website but they are also available at Llarowe and other authorized dealers.

I also highly recommend that you like her on Facebook!

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