Thursday, June 20, 2013

A Study in Polish - Misty Mountains

It isn't a secret - I'm a pretty huge nerd. I also like to overlap my geeky subsections, which means that I have a hankering for nerdy themed polishes. I'm a sucker for anything Harry Potter, Tolkien, Battlestar Galactica, Firefly, Dungeons & Dragons - you name it. So when Accio Lacquer posted about A Study in Polish and her various glorious lacquers, I had to stalk them out. I waited and waited until OF COURSE she had a sale. I managed to get two polishes I had been lemming: Misty Mountains and Mind Palace. Misty Mountains is based on The Hobbit and may have elicited various wide eyed stares and giggles from my D&D campaign and coworkers. It's a beautiful dark teal-charcoal grey jelly with oodles of turquoise glitters - micro, hex, and holo! Did I mention there was shimmer? Because yeah, there is that lovely blue shimmer too.

Here is a pretty bottle shot. I'd like to say that the formula is pretty boss. I used two coats for opacity and then threw a layer of Seche Vite on top. It was the perfect consistency - thick enough for opacity, but didn't bubble at all when I did a gloopy nail. SUCCESS! 

I did my best to vary the lighting in these swatches - it's hard to determine what a polish REALLY looks like sometimes. At first, I thought this was a super teal polish. Then I put it on and thought that it was reaaaaally grey. It seriously varies on the lighting and probably skin tone. 

More direct sunlight. It makes me look like a lobster. 

Natural lighting, but more shaded.

Ottlamp! I love Ottlamp. 

Different angle.


In conclusion, this polish was entirely worth lemming. I highly suggest that you too add it to your wishlist. It's 3-free, superbly formulated, and it gives me the nostalgia. Right now, Misty Mountains is sold out on the A Study in Polish Big Cartel, but to find out what awesome sales she runs, the restocks she has, and to best figure out how to obtain this polish - go follow her on Facebook.


  1. Thanks for the shout out! :D I neeeeeeeed these lacquers.

    1. I will shout about your blog from the tops of the Misty Mountains themselves! :D