Monday, June 24, 2013

Emerald & Ash Swarley Snot

Whew! It's been such a crazy few weeks since I got my Emerald & Ash order! Somedays I feel like Jon Snow (I KNOW NOTHING) and the other few I feel like Chekov (that's right, I enjoy Star Trek). Either way - all work/job/life/obligations/feed the cat aside, I have finally gotten around to showing you one of my new favorite things: Emerald & Ash Swarley Snot. I have a mild obsession with microglitter, especially ones that are bright and fantastic and versatile. Swarley Snot is essentially all that I love from microglitter - the matte neons and the sparklies and a clear base for easy layering. Also it is named after her doggy. Another thing I love. 

Here is an awesome bottle shot. It's about a kajillion baby glitters in a clear base. It's got some awesome bright greens (necessary for boogers) and corals and blues and holos and iridescent bits and white and burgundy and I really can't count any more. It's one of the best and most versatile mixes. I had a hard time picking undies. In the end, I used Butter London Cream Tea. It's really pretty, but the formula was a bit runny to me. Moving along now to the important topic of the night - the actual polish. I used two coats of Swarley Snot to get some awesome glitter payout. I could have stopped after one, but really - MOOOOOOAAAAR GLITTERRRRSSSSSSS. 

Did I mention it's 3 and cruelty free? Because that's important. 

It's like a party on my nails! I SHOULD USE MORE COATS! NO STOP! STOP NOW! Also - janky pinkie has reappeared. The jerk decided to break on me two days ago, to this pitiful measly length. So I had to obliterate the rest of my nails. My poor nubs. 

The formula on this polish was amazing - thick and full of glitters without dragging off the temperamental undies I had on. It was pretty dang even without struggle - something I hate about microglitter polishes. I got up to the cuticles and the edges without a naked tip look. 

DAMN YOU JANKY PINKY. I should have cropped you out. 

There is tons of sparkle in this polish. It is totally perfect for summer accents, or for crazypants excessive glitter manicures. 

Emerald & Ash has Swarley Snot for sale on their website as well as their Etsy for an exceptionally reasonable $6.50. It's for a super adorable 11 mL bottle. Of course - it's absolutely necessary to like them on Facebook in order to get awesome updates for new polishes. I know I'm waiting for them. Mmmmm. Polish. 

If you guys had a polish named after your pet - what would it be? Mine would probably be Ecco Hair and be various sizes of hair glitter. Then I would spill it all over my couch and carpet, where she sheds everywhere. 

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