Sunday, July 28, 2013

Digital Nails Lying + Nfu Oh 40

I love novelty products. I don't know who needs a soft-serve ice cream machine, but I certainly did! Not to mention anything that smells like bacon, involved excessive cheese, glitter, or other ridiculous items. Nail polish has met all of my ridiculous novelty needs - it is super glittery, can smell like awesome things, changes colors in different lighting...... etc. Today brings me into a whole new novelty polish product - THERMAL NAIL POLISH. Seriously - the utility uses are ENDLESS. I can tell when my AC in my car is going kaput, when my coffee is scalding hot, when my shower is too cold, when my electric bill is going to be excessive due to my apartment being 76 degrees in Texas....... THE POSSIBILITIES ARE ENDLESS! Also, I get to giggle at my fingers fairly often.

Digital Nails has created a glorious thermal polish inspired by Saga.... named Lying. It changes from bright teal to a dusty blurple or vice versa depending on your natural temperature. I have icy cold hands of death, possibly similar to the White Walkers or other undead creatures. It also has iridescent blue microflakes that make it more awesome than it already is. I used two coats of Lying to get opacity. The formula was easy to maneuver and whatever patched on the first coat was easily leveled out with a second. It dries to a natural satin/rubber finish. However, I can't leave well enough alone and decided that I obviously need MORE flakies and threw a layer of Nfu Oh 40 on top. I was not disappointed. 

See? Cold hands of death and terror! Pity my boyfriend who is subjected to them at night. 

So then I went and got myself a cup of coffee. It was freaking hot. My nails promptly turned teal. Real life application, yo!

Quick - another picture! 

As my nails start to cool down, I started to get a natural purple tip. Considering I have a MASSIVE overhang, thermal polishes are AHMAZING for natural french or gradient manicures.

And then I needed to put an ice cube in my coffee and this happened! 

Obviously, this isn't a normal blog-post review. Probably because I was running around my house with a camera and taking pictures in my kitchen, and because I absolutely needed to add more flakies. 

Anyway, if you want to get your hands on Lying it is available on the Digital Nails Etsy for $11. Be sure to follow her on Facebook to find out when she restocks!

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