Thursday, July 4, 2013

Kunimitsu Nail Potions Seal Point Siamese

After the barrage of nail mail that arrived, I have been dying to wear all of the colors ever. Here is another of the Kunimitsu Nail Potions that I bought during her free shipping sale (it's still going on, too!) This is Seal Point Siamese. I'm a little biased towards cat-themed polishes because of my supreme cat-lady repertoire. I'm drawn to this polish because of the history of phenomenal crelly-formula goodness and the fantastic mix of microglitters. Onward to photos!

Seal Point Siamese is a mixture of extra tiny turquoise holographic blue glitters, and different sizes of midnight blue matte glitters. It's ultra classy, and the formula was drool-worthy. I used three coats to opacity, but I probably could have stopped at two. This polish was extra easy to control - I had zero problems with it whatsoever. 

My poor pinkie is still rebelling - ignore him. 

Fantastic glitter coverage - I could just spread it right on there. It was self-leveling too! And opaque without being a THHIIIIICK layer of polish. Did I mention I love this formula?

Here is a close up! Notice how there isn't even any bubbling! And the distribution of the glitter! 

And like all white crellies, I have to matte them. And this guy is NO exception to the gorgeousity of matted white crellies with microglitters. Seriously, this polish is going to be my go-to for any time that I wear blue. It can go with ANYTHING! And the white is actually WHITE - cool toned for pale people like ME! 

Anyway, you can buy Seal Point Siamese and other awesome polishes on Etsy for $8 a pop. She also has MINIS!!!!! for $4. As always, this is a public service announcement to follow Kunimitsu Nail Potions on Facebook.

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