Monday, July 15, 2013

Lucky 13 Lacquer Accio Lacquer

There is a 99.9% chance that if you read my blog, you've probably been a loyal Accio Lacquer reader for ages. If you aren't, you should be. Because she's awesome. Other topics of awesomeness include the polish that Lucky 13 Lacquer named in her honor - Accio Lacquer. Lucky 13 Lacquer did a whole Harry Potter collection, and of course I ended up with all of them. In fact, I also ended up with a bottle of Accio Lacquer as a gift because Raphaelle at Digital Nails knows that I am a micro-flakie and taupe JUNKIE. Accio Lacquer is literally everything I could want in an all-seasons, super versatile, classy with a in your face flakie POW polish. I swear that made sense. Anyway, I also attempted a half-moon mani with OPI Designer-de-Better as an accent. I will not admit as to how long it took.

This is three beautiful coats of Accio Lacquer with an accent of OPI Designer de Better. It is a mauvey-taupe sort of color with gold and copper microflakies that really make this unique and CLASSY AS ALL GET OUT. Seriously - this is an indie polish that fashionistas and my grandma would wear. Also, my grandma is awesome. Please also note the Pathfinder RPG sheet in the background of this picture. Level 11 monk. Beware. 

I obviously had to take pictures in different lighting so you can see how versatile this polish is. I swear - new favorite neutral. The formula was also freaking phenomenal and the dry time was stupid fast. Lucky 13 Lacquer - what have you done to the formula? Imbued it with something magical?

If course, here is a macro shot in order for you to check out my sweet sweet less-dry cuticle action. And of course THE FLAKIES. 

If you want this polish, buy it off of the Lucky 13 Lacquer website. Fullsies are $8.50 and shorties are $6. She hand mixes these babies, it's a serious labor of 3-free love. You can also follow her on Facebook to keep on the up and up with sales and new collections. 

I also want to mention that on July 29, she will be releasing a limited edition polish called Softening the Bad Things where $1 from each polish will go to NAMI. There are 25 bottles, so there will be a $25 donation coming from Lucky 13 Lacquer. There are some awesome bloggers that will be matching the donations - myself included! 

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