Saturday, July 27, 2013

HARE Polish Bisbee 2.0 and a shout out to Emerald and Ash

Brace yourselves - Bisbee 2.0 by HARE Polish has arrived!!! I was introduced to HARE Polish by all of my indie-a-holic polish friends and then by blog sales and then I was stalking restocks before I knew it! Anyway, in the last restock I got Bisbee 2.0 and just about pulled a Tom Cruise on my couch. Remember that? Bisbee 2.0 takes after the rest of my vibrant HARE Polishes in the sense where the base color is so freaking bright that my camera cannot handle the pure and unadulterated awesomeness. It also takes after them in the sense where I just about adored the formula so much I could hug it. Anyway, I should probably show you this pictures, since I took so many. 

Bright turquoise bleen (blue-green) with lime squares of all sizes and apple colored hexes of all sizes PLUS a healthy dose of shimmer that is always a happy surprise to find. I'm wearing three thin coats, which knocked out any signs of VNL for me. In fact, I highly recommend that you inspect my healthy and gorgeous cuticles. Why? Because I've been using some cuticle oil by Emerald & Ash. It smells like lavender. I love lavender. It is in a cute little baby square bottle with a metal rollerball (they can do plastic for people with metal allergies). And my poor neglected babies soaked that oil up. Sorry for the tangent - MOVING ALONG NOW!

I didn't have ANY patching issues or balding. My glitter coverage was phenomenal and unique on each nail. It was easy to control (note the zero cuticle flooding... the zero-well-nourished cuticle flooding)

You can see the shimmer really well in this one.

I should mention that I've been wearing this polish for almost three days, and not a bit of tip wear. 



Seriously, it's amazing. It makes the shimmer really glitter-like and soft and pretty and lovely. 

Okay, so all the stuff in this post. I used a lot of things. First and foremost, HARE Polish Bisbee 2.0 can be found whenever they restock on their Etsy. Of course, you should stalk these restocks via their FacebookTwitter, or Instagram. Oh look! A website!

Secondly, Emerald & Ash will eventually be putting out some really amazing scented oils. To creep on them and their updates, follow them on Facebook!

That's all folks! Got any HARE Polish on your wishlist?

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