Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Digital Nails Purple Reign

And before the reader thinks that this is a polish based off of the Prince song, it's actually based off of a seriously awesome graphic novel and comic series - Saga. I mean, I assume it's awesome. Digital Nails has pretty great taste in books, so I have no reason to think it's NOT a good read. In fact, the last time I went to go get a new d20, I saw it and picked it up and contemplated paying FULL PRICE. Moving on now - Purple Reign is part of three different Saga influenced polishes. If you like Hook 'em Horns, Stars at Night, or Pandorica, then you'll probably like Purple Reign. It's a rich, deep grape purple that almost looks black at night and it's loaded with spectraflair - giving it a glamorous holographic kapow. 

Purple Reign is 3-free and cruelty-free. It took two coats to get opacity and when topped with Nubar Diamont Top Coat, is really offensively and awesomely holographic. The formula was also A+++++++ or 110%. You could say that the formula ruled. Ha. ha. ha.

Seriously, application was a breeze. Look how clean my cuticle lines are! But don't actually look at the cuticles. They're gross. 

Transitioning to new lighting here.....

Under the ottlite, it's really amazing how different this polish looks! The holographic effect is certainly still there, but it is absolutely nothing compared to sunlight!

Aaaaand a close up!

So what is absolutely necessary to know? Digital Nails has done it again - made an awesome holographic polish influenced by NERDINESS AND GEEKERY! Purple Reign runs $13 at the Digital Nails Etsy (which I paid for - that's right!) and you should go check out the Facebook too. Because, why not? Really? 

So what Digital Nails do I need to get next?


  1. HOLY AMAZEBALLS! I need this polish... thank you for a great review!

    1. Thank you! I've been dying for a deep and grape-y sort of holo FOREVER. I'm such a blurple freak!