Friday, August 23, 2013

Literary Lacquers - If It Pleases You

GOOD NEWS! The most gorgeous bruised purple holographic polish has emerged from the dungeon! It's called If It Pleases You and I have only been drooling over it for 10 bajillion years. It's from the Good Parts collection (literary erotica inspired!) and is influenced by the first real erotic literature I read that didn't have a picture of Fabio on the front. BACKSTORY! Anne Rice was one of my FAVORITE authors in high school and during my youthful and formative teen years, I went on vacation with my family. I have this bad habit of rummaging through the bookshelves of wherever I go, and I found a high and semi-hidden shelf. Of course, I promptly found the The Claiming of Sleeping Beauty. Which I then read. And was caught. Oops. Anyway, these are also the last pictures of my nails before I had to nubbinize them. And man, are they GORGEOUS. 

Ott-lamp lighting. Two coats. TWO COATS. My eyes, they are overwhelmed with RAAAAAAAAAINBOWS!

The formula was probably one of the most amazing I have ever used. It was easy to distribute and control with zero balding issues. The other thing I love about this polish is that it's a jelly formula, which gives it such an amazing deepness and richness that I just want to..... be mastered by it. 

This polish is so freaking gorgeous - spank me, I must be dreaming! 

Up close and personal - look at the rainbows!

Another for good measure.

And look how stupid crazy the rainbow are in the sun!

Holy ridiculous rainbow gorgeousness. Considering that this is the second Literary Lacquers polish that I have worn (I have three more waiting for my nubbins to grow) and the formula is absolutely flawless on both of them. The holographic pigment is strong, but not chalky (A+++) and I'm absolutely in love with the original inspirations for this polish line. 

What should you do now? Read the Claiming of Sleeping Beauty? Yes, you should do that. But do it while wearing this $10 jelly holographic bruised plum polish of awesome. You can get it on the Literary Lacquers Etsy. You should also remember to follow Literary Lacquers on Facebook. Especially considering she's releasing a LE navy holographic polish in under 24 hours. 


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