Sunday, August 11, 2013

Digital Nails Pandorica

Sweet sweet completionism, dear readers! I have officially been able to (as of now) swatch and wear all of the holographic jelly polishes by Digital Nails. I just realized that it is one of my go-to indie brands - I will certainly make an effort to expand my horizons! I apologize for my intense fixation. Moving along, I was bestowed upon a mini of Pandorica - a deep deep charcoal grey almost black jelly polish that was so massively dosed with spectraflair that I suspect Digital Nails captured some spare stars to grind into the polish. I used two layers of Pandorica to achieve awesomeness and a later of a 50/50 Nubar Diamont/Essie Good to Go franken top coat mixture. I've never been so thrilled to live in a broiling hot place with no clouds. 

I'll apologize (again) in advance for the stupid amount of pictures I took of this polish. No lies, I was outside sitting in my car with the AC full blast (more like old man winter with a wheeze....)

I'll rave a little bit more about the formula. Super easy to control and goes exactly where you want it. Note that my cuticles are not flooded, as I am a frequent offender of that. Did I mention I had a rough time driving around today? SUPER distracting. 

Even in the shade, the spectraflair is trying to get noticed. Hey, hey, I'm shiny. Look at me. 

Underneath an indoor "natural" light, the holographic pigment is still pretty fantastic. I can say that it looks best outside, or in my office's terrible fluorescent lighting for some odd reason.

Rainbows. Rainbows EVERYWHERE.

Pandorica runs $13 at the Digital Nails Etsy, but on the off chance it is sold out (as is common, since it is apparently frakking awesome, and you should go check out the Facebook to stay up to date on restocks and new collections.

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